6 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes 2021

Are we ready to get back into dressing up this year? I’m certainly not. I used to go all out for my Halloween costumes, after the pandemic it doesn’t seem like a priority anymore. I do still like to dress up to pass out candy though! So, I thought to see what costumes I can create straight from my closet. These costumes are easy enough to put together if you have last minute plans or still want to be festive and not put in a lot of effort.

  1. Sandy from Grease – Such a classic sexy costume and SO easy to pull together. You can rock her look by wearing leather pants/leggings, off the shoulder black top, red lipstick, big bouncy curls pinned to the side, with some red heels! I didn’t have the red heels, but was able to pull off this entire look from my closet. Since leather is trending for 2021, it’s the perfect outfit!

2. Go Go Girl – I have another chance to whip out my new white boots (Vince Camuto). Another fun outfit that fits all of the trends for 2021. The 70s was a big come back this year, so this will be the perfect outfit to fit that vibe! Find a floral dress, white boots, and oversized colored glasses and you’re set!

3. Squid Games Doll – This is the most viewed show on Netflix this year right? I HAD to find a costume that worked for me from this show. I found the perfect pairing for the killer doll look. You will put together a yellow shirt (preferably collared), mini orange dress, long white socks, pigtails, and any purple barrettes. Squid games costumes are a must for Halloween 2021!

4. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie – Another easy costume! Have any of you read ‘if you give a mouse a cookie’ as a child? All you need is long overalls, a white tee, a cookie, and some cute space bun mouse ears. This costume is perfect for couples, someone can be the cookie. 🙂

5. Risky Business – I’ve seen this costume so many times, but honestly it’s just so easy that I had to include as a part of this list. All you need is a long white button up shirt, socks, and black sunglasses. How easy can you get!?

6. Pirate – who doesn’t love a pirate for Halloween? You’ll need a milkmaid white top, red bandana, gold hoop earrings, fishnet stockings, black skirt, and some boots!

What other ideas do you have for Halloween 2021? Are you going all out or staying low-key?

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