Fall Wardrobe Essentials 2021

I’ve had a few people ask me, what do I even need in my Fall wardrobe? The trends are ever changing. I’ve rounded up my top picks for Fall 2021 wardrobe picks!

Zebra Print – Zebra print is the new Cheetah print. I’m seeing Zebra EVERYWHERE and i’m loving it. Whether you have the print on your clothing or picking up a fun Zebra print shoe or bag. Here are some of my picks that i’m loving below.

Green – If you haven’t already seen a pop of Kelly Green everywhere, here is your chance to add it to your wardrobe! Another perfect pop to your closet.

Puff Bags – These bags are great because they’re super comfortable to have on. I’ve had some spikey bags or materials that were too stiff. This is a great casual bag that you can wear during the day or night. I’ve even taken mine to work! It’s a great trendy versatile bag that won’t go out of style quickly. The one that I’m holding in my pictures (above) is from Marshall’s!

Sweater Vest – I was really trying not to get a sweater vest. I feel like it’s grandpa chic. I gave in! They’re really cute when styled right. I would recommend getting a neutral color like cream or black to have it part of your staple fall/winter wear.

Cardigan – Cardigans are amazing versatile pieces to keep. Perfect for layering. You can style them in so many different ways!

Shacket – What is a Shacket? NGL, I had to google this. A “Shirt Jacket” is all the rage this fall. Another great piece for versatility. You can style as a dress, as a jacket, or as a shirt! I use my husbands shacket a lot of times! They’re great gender-neutral pieces.

Which of these are you loving the most?

xoxo kayla

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