San Diego to Seattle Road Trip During Quarantine

We did it. After a year of staying at home, we decided to go somewhere. I took 1 day off all year, so I was itching to get out of the house. My mentality was, I don’t need to take a day off if I’m not going anywhere. I WAS SO WRONG. Sometimes you need to take a day off just to do you and have a mental break. We were both pumped for this trip. We’ve been wanting to go to Seattle for a while. We decided to drive (brave, I know). We stopped in San Francisco and then drove all the way up to Seattle (12 hours).

We arrived pretty late. All we wanted to do was get out of that dang car. The Airbnb I found was super cute, a bit small but figured we wouldn’t be in it much. The next morning we were off to start our adventure. BOY was it cold. Yowza. We are seriously spoiled with San Diego weather, that it was completely shocking for me especially during April! I wore a lot of my clothes from winter that I didn’t get a chance to wear during quarantine.

Our first stop was the Public Market. Patrick only wish was to visit the first Starbucks. He’s been on the hunt finding all of these collectible mugs. He has quite the collection now. The market was bustling with people and aroma of seafood. The most beautiful flowers were lined up by florists. It was a bit overwhelming on which way to go. We started out grabbing a Mac N’ Cheese and Kimchi Grilled Cheese from Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. The Mac N’ Cheese was SO creamy and the grilled cheese was definitely interesting. I’ve never had kimchi in grilled cheese before. I don’t know if I would order it again, but Patrick LOVED IT. Hey, as long as someone likes it!

We stood in line for 30 minutes before getting into the first Starbucks. The logo kind of freaked me out a bit. I didn’t realize the original Starbucks logo was so naked. HA! Once, we got in the actual Starbucks was small. I would only recommend going if you are looking for a collectible souvenir, otherwise the drinks are all the same that you would get at any other Starbucks. Patrick got a cold brew and I got a guava refresher (boring I know). It was a HUGE mistake because I was stuck holding an iced drink for a while and my hands were already so cold.

The famous gum wall is just behind the Public Market. It really grossed me out especially during Covid. We got some clicks and jetted out of there quick. We walked a couple miles to this cute little Italian restaurant and got ourselves a pizza to share. Anything with arugula is my FAV! Patrick’s sweet and always gets the meat on the side, so I can eat it too. It honestly wasn’t very memorable. We were just trying to get a break from walking and recharge our phones. We did have a cup of coffee at the end, and the cappuccino was SO good. I now order it everywhere I go and get disappointed every time. I don’t even like coffee lol. When in Seattle, you drink coffee right?

We walked a bit further and made it to the space needle! We got tickets to the glass exhibit which was pretty cool. It’s incredible how many pieces were actually in there. I would skip this if you’re not interested in art or have children with you. It’s a tad boring.

We headed back home to freshen up and change. My blogger friend had recommended to hit up this place Kerry Park for incredible views during sunset. The lighting was amazing on top of this hill and the views were incredible. We sat and looked out for a while and just chatted. It was really nice. Cold, but nice. The Grey’s Anatomy House was also right there on the hill. We walked by it, but I didn’t recognize the house. I felt like the worst Grey’s Anatomy fan ever. Why couldn’t I recognize it!?

Our next item on the list was dinner, Patrick found this ramen place. It was supposed to be one of the best ramen’s in Seattle. We walked into this small hole in the wall place Samurai Noodle. It was one guy that was the server, cook, and everything else. I couldn’t believe it! There were only 2 other couples in there other than us, but it seemed like a big role for him. We got the spinach dumplings for a starter, Spicy Shouyu Tonkotsu Ramen, and Miso Ramen. Patrick enjoyed his, but it was nothing compared to what we have at home. Same with mine, it was underwhelming. I also don’t care for Miso, so it wasn’t my favorite flavors.

We headed to the Starbucks Reserve which was SO much fun. Definitely the highlight of our trip. If you are visiting Seattle, it’s the one thing that I think you should do. There are a few different sections: a Starbucks coffee section which have unique coffees, a bar where there is some sort of coffee element served with alcohol, and a food bar/dessert area. There were plenty of souvenirs to buy from as well. The place was pretty big! We had a few drinks and dessert here. We split a cream filled pastry YUM and a tart. I was seriously in heaven. I’ve been working out so hard to eat all of these amazing foods. His favorite out of the drinks: Roastery Old Fashioned which was a cold brew with whiskey infusion, it was pretty neat. My favorite was the Final Say which had matcha and tequila in it. The drink was green and it was so fun! The drink also had a coffee infused cherry on top, which was really gross, but remember I don’t like coffee haha!

Our last stop in Seattle was to find these famous fries. Another friend told us that Seattle has really good fries, so we had to try them before we left. We headed to Eden Hill Provisions. I had the Butternut Squash Veggie Burger. SUPER interesting – Roasted Squash & Pepita Patty, apple fennel jam, whipped chevre, arugula and roasted garlic balsamic aioli. Toasted Challah Bun. Patrick had the Hot Mama Ranchero Buttermilk brined and fried chicken breast, house ranch, buffalo sauce, iceberg lettuce, pickled jalepenos and onions. Toasted Challah Bun. My burger was good. It was definitely not a traditional veggie burger. You need to be open to different flavors together. The cheese they used reminded me of a goat cheese. If you don’t like goat cheese it’s not for you. Patrick’s sandwich was the star. OMG, I had to have a bite, it looked so good, and I don’t even eat meat. The sauce tasted like something almost like a buffalo sauce mixed with an Indian Tikka Sauce. It was seriously delicious. I almost ate it all. The fries got cold, since we were eating outside, but it was still worth it!

We can’t wait to visit again. I loved soaking up all of the nature, especially those cherry blossoms. It was a stunning sight!

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