Pithi/Haldi Ceremony (2015)

The Pithi/Haldi ceremony was so special to me! I had planned to wear one of my grandmother’s saree’s. We both found a pink chiffon printed saree that I loved. This was one of her everyday sarees. I transformed it into such a beautiful bridal outfit. We had a white lace blouse made in India to match the saree and added a mirror border to the saree itself. What a difference it made!

For the jewelry I decided on pearls and silver to accessorize the saree. I loved the idea of a pearl mathapatti, so went with this. The addition of the earrings and large necklace was perfect. I loved this outfit! I chose a berry lip and my hair in a fun updo.

I still have this saree with me, even though it did get tumeric paste on it. I still cherish these photos!

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