Lehenga as a Midi Skirt

We all have them. Old lehengas from when you were a kid that don’t fit anymore or the style does nothing for you. I was thinking about a way I can repurpose these skirts because some of them are way too pretty not to wear.

This yellow skirt was one from high school days. It definitely does not fit anymore, but folded with the zipper down, it sure does! I pulled it up and wore it as a midi skirt. It looked just like a regular ol’ midi skirt. But this one had beautiful beading detail it’s so gorgeous. It’s unique and one of a kind for sure. Pulling out vintage items like this can help you re-purpose some of your older clothing.

Try it out! Sometimes really beautiful pieces are already in your closet. Think of wearing them in a different way. It’ll be so worth it!

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